HELLO ANd Welcome

My name is Lutz Luikart and I am the CEO and founder of SoundTek Studio.

I studied audio engineering at SAE Institute Stuttgart. I am specialized in dynamic game sound, so my research paper and practical thesis were about this topic. I take my inspiration from all different kinds of music. However, I am an appreciator of Soundtracks from Hans Zimmer, Two Steps from Hell, M83, and Vangelis. Videogames have also always been a big part of my life.

The Studio provides a project-focused work environment with a separate recording room for high-quality recordings. SoundTek supports and uses DAWs like Ableton Live 10 Suite and Studio One 6 Pro. Additionally, I use Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10, the iZotope Production-Suite, and some Waves VST-Plugins from the Platinum Pack.

In my studio, I am composing and producing Soundtracks (Sampler, Synthesizer, and Studio-Recording), field-recording for Atmo, and Sound effects.

I'm also working with FMOD Studio for the implementation of sound for 3D applications and videogames in Game-Engines like Unreal Engine 4 and of course the new Unreal Engine 5 or Unity 3D.

Building the Church of Jesus is what I love to do - so I am working on it by helping with my knowledge about audio engineering. That mostly happens in the EJWP (Evangelisches Jugendwerk Plattenhardt) as a Sound-Engineer for Youth Services or other events. I am always on the search for churches, communities, and organizations that hold up the name of Jesus - get new contacts, and inspiration, and be a blessing to the church.

Lutz Luikart
Founder, Soundtek
in the studio

Studio Equipment

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)

  • Ableton Live 10 Suite (Music composition, Sound Design, Editing)
  • Studio One 6 Professional (Mixing, Mastering)
  • iZotope RX 10 (special Editing)
  • FMOD Studio 2 (Game-audio)​​

Plugins and Tools

  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
  • iZotope RX 10, Mix- and Master-Plugins
  • Selected Waves-Plugins (Platinum Pack and some more)


  • Beyerdynamic MCE 530 Stereo-Set
  • Beyerdynamic MCE 85 PV
  • AKG P820 Tube Black
  • Sennheisser MK4
  • ZOOM H5 Mobil Recorder (with XY and MS Microphones)​​
  • Microphone Shield for difficult recording location situations


  • Akai Advance49
  • Akai RPM 800 Monitors
  • Steinberg UR44 Interface
  • Beyerdynamic Headphones: DT-770 and DT-880
  • PreSonus Faderport 8 (coming soon!)
  • Lexicon MX 200

Recording Room

  • 3m² Size
  • Clean Acoustics
  • 4 Channels for Recording
  • 2 Returns (Headphones or re-recording)
  • Carpet- or Wood-floor ​​​​​​​

LEgacy Equipment

  • Icon Qcon Pro Controller

Gear Pictures